Long legged, slender Olivia from MPL Studios Outdoors

Posted by skinny fetish on Friday 7 January 2011

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MPL Studios never ceases to amaze me.  As a long time member I get newsletters of their updates and there’s ALWAYS at least a few really skinny teenage girls, mostly easter european or russian looking girls with beautiful pale or sometimes tan skin.  Long legs, rib cages, tall girls, petite girls with nice feet and small tits, supple.  My god.  If you’re not a member, you have no business looking at my blog because the REAL goods are inside the members area of sites like MPL Studios.

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Russian Teen On Beach With Small Tits, Oh My!

Posted by skinny fetish on Sunday 15 November 2009

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We all love skinny teenage girls that are totally fucking nude but boy have I landed a hot one.  This skinny Romanian teen is as happy as they cum and while she won’t do some hardcore teenage fucking on a website, she says she loves to get fucked hard in her tight little pussy and sometimes in her ass when she’s drunk!  Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

Skinny teens, ana schoolgirls with emaciated bodies, smooth pussies and flat breasts are what makes my world go ’round.  See more of Konstatjina at MPL Studios or click on her picture.

I’d also like to announce a new anorexic picture post at www.ThinErotica.com

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Skinny Girl, Anorexic Porn Photo Network Launched

Posted by skinny fetish girls anorexic teens on Tuesday 22 September 2009

We are pleased to announce our friends have launched a 100% free place to enjoy anorexic girls! You can talk about them, make your own blogs about them (nude, and non nude; and you can put adverts on your blogs to even make some money!), and you can view and make your own photo album collections from pics all over the web! This isn’t some Yahoo! group that can get shut down. This is hosted on a hardcore porn host and they know how it works.


Get in, create a profile, post to the forum, make your own group or join another. Post your favorite picture collections! Enjoy the thinspiration that so many skinny girl lovers have dreamed. This day has come. Go to www.ThinErotica.com now. It’s a 100% FREE ANOREXIC GIRL EROTICA COMMUNITY!

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Skinny Young Brunette, Nude Thinspiration

Posted by skinny fetish on Thursday 17 September 2009
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So I get bunch of emails with some pretty decent porn in it.  But today I came across this super sexy young starlet to be in ye ole Inbox and knock me down and fuck me if I didn’t pop wood that Super Man would envy.  So I snagged some of this thinspiration looking skinny teenage girl’s flesh and posted it here for all you skinny teen lovers out there.  This site Mc Nudes I’ve noticed consistently delivers the skinniest, most emaciated, anorexic fashion model type body teen girls I’ve ever seen.  You think these samples are mind blowing?  You’d break your wrist if you saw their members area!  I’ve been a member for over 8 months now and I’m still blown away when I see the quality of update like the one that came out today. 

Check out their site here and see wtf I’m talking about if skinny teen brunette Gwen here isn’t enough testament!

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Skinny Teen Mia On Tabletop – Petter Hegre Art

Posted by skinny fetish on Sunday 31 May 2009
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Hegre Art produces some of the most high definition, finest nude content in the world.  One think you’ll soon also see is his penchant for super skinny teens.  His models are European and so frail and skinny that they look vulnerable to anything that could come into contact with them.  In this spectacular photo set, Petter Hegre works the light just right on this table top to show off the soft, slim, slender and almost anorexic contour of this skinny teen girl’s body.

We love young girls, skinny teenagers and pro-ana, thinspirational nude, naked and exposed bodies.  We love slim chicks with beautiful toes, long legs, small breasts and swollen, virgin vaginas and Hegre Art delivers every time!

Click HERE and see for yourself.

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Christina Fey Skinny Petite Nympho Teen

Posted by skinny fetish on Saturday 11 April 2009
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Skinny teen morsel Kristina Key looks like a smorgasboard of skin and bones mixed with some juicy semi anorexic teen pussyNude slim teenagers are what’s on my menu and Kristina Fey takes the cake, so to speak.  I mean, we know she hasn’t eaten any cake lately, look at how skinny, slim and slender this young naked girl is.  This is the kind of porn that makes my skinny teen porn living knees weak if you know what I mean.

Often times I get industry access to the member’s areas of these sexy young skinny teen girls I review but I was afraid I was getting censored access.  So this time I sprung out my credit card and joined Kristina’s official site.  Fuck me backwards.  There’s tons of exclusive skinny teen photos, videos and stuff inside of here.  It’s beautiful work and you can tell the photographer really knows his skinny young teenie girls stuff.  The lighting could be better in some shots, but overall he hits the right angles in the right places.   Skinny teen, young solo babes doing softcore things with hardcore porn things in their brain equate to an awesome experience and I can say that this is one of the sites I’ll remain a member of.  Here’s  to skinny teen girls!


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Petite Hardcore Skinny Teenage Fuck Action

Posted by skinny fetish on Saturday 28 March 2009
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Do you like skinny petite hardcore porn?  How about skinny teens who are getting fucked bareback by guys who they met 10 minutes prior?  If so, you’re going to love Petite Stars.  I joined this site and in the members area, yeah there was a few girls who were more ‘short girls’ style petite, but let me tell you, there was an assload of really skinny girls in hardcore fucking action.  I’m talking HD movies, photos you name it, they have it and it’s primo quality.

Do I personally prefer the softcore type of uber skinny anorexic teens?  Usually.  But do I sometimes want to see these frail starving thin and skinny young teen girls getting their emaciated pussies split open by hard cocks?  Hell yes I do.  Where will I be jerking off to for at least the next 3 days during my trial period?  Yep, Petite Stars


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Petite Teenage Stella Heart, Not So Innocent

Posted by skinny fetish on Sunday 8 March 2009

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I found this site in an email I got from a friend.  This uber skinny teenage girl is called Stella Heart.  Now, this definitely is the sexiest ‘Stella’ I’ve ever met.  Her eyes look a little drugged out, but then again if you were an anorexic, skinny, emaciated teen you’d probably be fucked up on something too, why not?  Have fun while you’re young and slim, slender, pro-anorexic like Stella Heart is!

I love skinny, petite teen girls.  Especially ones who look drugged up or hungover that I could take advantage of easily. OK, I’m just kidding, relax.  But if you’re into really small, tiny, petite skinny young girls you’re gonna love what I found inside Stella Heart’s official websiteHave a look for yourself, trust me, it’s good shit inside!

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skinny dutch teen

Posted by skinny fetish on Thursday 15 January 2009
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So I was going through my list of sponsors, checking out the pictures for the best skinny young teenage girls who like to get naked.  While this site may not have the largest amount of super skinny, anorexic teens like some others do, there’s tons of gems in here.  Check out this girl.  She’s so skinny you can see her bones yet she’s athletic enough to put her legs behind her ears and have fun with us.  If you like skinny young blonde haired Dutch teenagers, this site is full of gems inside the members area.


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Emaciated, Skinny Blonde Sasha: Bony As She Want’s To Be

Posted by skinny fetish on Monday 12 January 2009

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Sasha Blonde here is not only blonde, she’s also a very young teen who is so petite that her ribs are showing.   She’s one boney young thinspirational chick if I’ve ever seen one.  I don’t want a fat fuck partner, I want a helpless, bony,slim barely legal chick who needs me.  She depends on me for support and security.  I adore tall, really slim, skinny and petite super young teenie amateur latchkey coeds just like Sasha Blonde here.  She knows her emaciated bones make men like us go nuts and it shows here in this nude, erotic softcore model photo spread. See more exclusive, frequently updated media of Sasa Blonde at her official site!

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Holiday Skinny Eastern European Teenager, Innocence Foregone

Posted by skinny fetish on Thursday 18 December 2008

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It’s a special time of year and today I present you with an example from a skinny teen erotica site I joined a few months back and I remain a member of, Amour Angels.  The private area is choc full o’ more than 360 shoots of exclusive, HD photos (much larger in size than the ones on this site) and 96 movies in .WMV format which is perfect.

The entire site is stocked with erotic, classy, thin teen coeds posing.  The majority of them are from former Soviet states and have wonderfully milky skin, almost anorexic bodies and beautiful teen feet.  The private area of this site tends to be more photo oriented as they update every 2-4 days, while the movies are updated once every few weeks.

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To summariz, Amour Angels is right up there in terms of quality with MET and the like.  As a hardcore pro-ana girl admirer I give this site my absolutely and utter approval.  I’ve been a member for 11 months now and unless they cease updating suddenly, they’ll have me for 11 more. 

If you love|bony ribcages give you wood|you’re into young skinny teen school girls have a look at Amour Angels and you’ll soon know what I know, it’s precisely what people like us demand. 


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Skinny Teen Lesbian Sex Party Gone Hardcore

Posted by skinny fetish on Monday 1 December 2008

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These 3 slender young teen girls were just going to chill out, have a little get together.  But these virtually emaciated, proana, petite thin fetish style young chicks like to have fun, and did I mention they like to have barely legal bisexual sex also?  Oh yeahhh bitches!  These young young girls with small nipples, bony asses, slender bodies, bony even start licking each other’s asses and finger fucking each other like they were stoned on E or something.  I don’t care what they’re on, I adore skinny teenage girls!

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If you you like really skinny teens, slender girls who like to have fun lesbian sex and flirt with other schoolgirls, get naked, nude and fuck each other, then you’re in the right place.  These young teen barely legal girls are all exclusive to Young PornCheck out Young Porn for many gigabytes of the best, hardcore and softcore barely legal skinny teen porn pics and movies around!


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